Many of the finest estate gardens on the Mornington Peninsula have been designed and planted by Austplant. Indeed our gardens are designed to be appreciated, and occasionally attract some acclaim – for example the HIA Luxury Home of the year award.

Austplant has been creating beautiful and fragrant estate gardens for Portsea and Sorrento residents for the last 35 years. Our reputation for giving the right advice and creating beautifully landscaped gardens has been well earned over this time.

With the recent evolution of the Portsea and Sorrento property market many locals and real-estate commentators are looking at the magical combination that make this place the no.1 postcode in the country. We suspect the coastal aspect, beautiful natural environment of the southern peninsula, combined with some of the Australia’s best residences are the likely cause.

So if your residence is standing on land that doesn’t yet reflect this positive environment please consider the following:

A well designed garden will add to the character of your neighbourhood and of course enhance your property’s value. Typically, home property appraisals after a new garden is established will yield a return on investment of between two and three times the cost of establishing the garden, and are often a great solution to attracting more buyers.

Austplant is proud to have contributed to the character of the area, in restoration, preservation and enhancement of the local environment, helping to keep this place special.


Over 150 farms and properties on the Mornington Peninsula have been designed and planted out by Austplant. Austplant will find the right species that will thrive in the unique conditions of your location, whether you face the challenges of lime, sand or salty winds.

If you are looking to create windbreaks for stock, re-vegetation of paddocks, stop erosion, or develop some privacy for your home we can help you to make the right choices that will see your garden thrive in both wet and dry weather, and require little or no maintenance from you.


If you are planning a major development, please come and see us at Austplant, we stock over 500 species and have over 100,000 plants in stock, we also sell wholesale. Some of our larger projects include the Cape Shank Golf course and Condominiums, and the Rosebud Tafe.

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