Austplant Nursery was established 38 years ago by Len and Cheryl Yearsley to suit the varying conditions of the Mornington Peninsula. When they first arrived, the property was a pine forest with Chinamen panning for gold in the creek. Cheryl and Len faced a momentous task of turning the future site of Austplant from a pine plantation into a beautiful native nursery. The removal of several hundred mature pine trees, and their stumps cleared the way for an intimate setting of terraced growing areas and extensive display gardens.

They lived in a hayshed for 2 years while their house was built and the business established. Their determination resulted in a business that is still successfully operating to this day.

In recent years, after all their hard work, Len and Cheryl embarked on their well deserved retirement and passed their legacy onto their youngest son, Glen, who was already working within the business for a number of years. Most recently, Glen and his wife Angela have welcomed two new additions to their family. Their beautiful daughter, Eve, and Eves playmate, puppy dog Gaia.

In the ‘Yearsley’ tradition, Glen has continued to maintain the successful operation of Austplant, applying his own touch, which has allowed the business to thrive in todays economical and drought ridden climate. The nursery has also been recognised as a tourist destination due to the superb display gardens and abundance of wildlife attractive to the native plants. The bird life at Austplant Nursery is testimony to the bird attracting qualities of native plants, which is not only visually beautiful, but assist in keeping the pests under control.

Similarly to his parents, Glen has completed an Advanced Certificate in Horticulture at Melbourne University, Burnley campus. Austplants other employees have also completed extensive training and education ensuring that all staff at Austplant have the knowledge and experience to provide customers with advice to plant, nurture and maintain native plants in their environment.

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